Friday, September 16, 2016

Don't Let Your Fuel Storage Compartment Empty...Believe Me!

Do you always wait for the light of your fuel indicator in your dashboard that your fuel is low before going to a filling station? Please don't! I have a bad experience with that. 

I was a new driver at that time and I want to experience a lot of things about my car. One of that is fuel tank. I want to find out the real capacity of my fuel tank. I allow it to be empty

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Do You Know That Body Car Wash is Different from Engine Car Wash?

If you send you car for car wash make sure you know the difference between body and engine car wash. You can do your own car body wash or if you are busy you can just bring it to any car wash shop. There are small car wash places which are run by out of school youths or just a small family car wash run by family's own children. These kind of car wash centers is good to help youths earn especially the secondary newly graduates during school holidays while waiting for the next enrollment. 

Do You Know That You Can Talk To Your Car?

Twenty-five years of driving gave me so much experience and discoveries, not just car problem issues, speed issues, road blocks, and other issues but experience in communicating with my car is part of all those experiences. At first I laughed at my friend when she told me that we can communicate with our car and our car listens especially if there is something wrong. I was new having a license at that time so I just smile at her and replied "is it?". After that I forgot already about my friend's story. One day I tried when I felt something was wrong with my car but the "communication" I made to my car is not sincere :) Maybe my car "knew" so my car ignored me :)

The Importance of Knowing Your Car Engine Oil

To prevent major problems down the road, car engine oil is one of the most important thing in your car care because as a machine, possible breakdown is imminent if your oil is dried out without being aware of. Oil is very important because it lubricates and cools the moving parts of the engine and reduces the formation of rust and corrosion. Oil comes in varying weights suitable for effective operation in cold  and hot weather, and for engines in varying states of wear. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Baby Bath Soaps and Creme for Eczema

If your baby's skin has an Eczema, there are baby bath soaps that can help heal your baby's eczema. Clinically tested bath soaps for eczema had been produced by bath soap manufacturers. Just choose which one is best for your baby. You can also learn some information about eczema and some skin problems here.