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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Formula for Total Success

You want a major change in your life? Why some succeed and why some failed? What is the root of all problems, miseries, poverty and negatives in life? On the other hand, what is the formula for success? I can say that higher educational attainment is not really the formula for success. However, education cannot be set aside since education will give us the capacity to understand what is written. There are "millionaires" who did not even go to college or high school (I met some of them), they don't talk much, they are simple in their ways, they are not arrogant and yet their wallets are bulging with money...why? 

My former Boss was one big example. He does not have high educational background but "he is a millionaire". I respect him for his humbleness, fairness to his staff, wise in making decisions, and his generosity. He does not talk too much and yet he deals with high profile people. When he first opened his company I was one of his pioneer employees, and I witnessed how his business grow from thousands worth of projects to millions. I thought then that "luck" was on his side that made him a millionaire.

I started to know about the Law of Attraction, Law of the Universe, Law of Cause and Effect, and the Power of the Subconscious mind back in 2009, when my brother gave me some books for the said Laws. At that time however, I was not yet really convinced. I read those books, partly believed but did not really put in mind and tried to find out how true it was. Not until I went back and was away from my family for more than a year last 2011 - 2012, when I repeatedly listened to the audio of Dr. Robert Anthony and the books of Bob Proctor that I realized based from my experiences, some are true to me. 

I started to refresh my memory, not only all what happened to me in the past, what caused my failures and what made me succeed to some of my endeavors. In his audio, Dr. Robert Anthony said: "what you like you get and what you don't like you get" is related to the Law of Attraction. If we keep on thinking of what we don't like, we are attracting the same and it is the same for what we like.

The meaning of life is so complex that knowledge of one is not enough. It is similar to cells of our body which have different functions. Millions and billions of human brain explains that each human have certain understanding about life. Those who are enlightened to know the meaning of life and unselfishly share their knowledge to all is a big help to lessen the negatives. It is just a matter of whether we accept and apply in our lives.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Nutrition and Supplements Against Disease

What cause sickness? Scientists never stop their research to discover solutions or cure for the many diseases in humans especially chronic diseases. However, in spite of all the new discoveries to prevent and cure sickness, it seems that these discoveries are not enough to reduce the rate of diseases that surround humans. What are the real factors that cause a disease? 

Different kinds of disease from different kinds of patients and relating their stories through books are a big help to everybody...not only those who suffer from a certain disease but even to healthy ones for prevention. As the saying goes "prevention is better than cure". 

Cells and tissues of humans are different from each other, that is why Doctors used to ask us a lot of questions before giving prescriptions. Well equipped with knowledge about health through reading books written by health experts, learning from the experiences of disease sufferers, and being aware always of the foods we eat will lessen our risk in catching ailment especially chronic diseases. 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Fragile Herbs

There are five major herbs that are characterized by their soft, fragile leaves: parsley, chervil, mint, and basil. They are at their perfumed, pungent best when freshly picked and carefully handled so they do not bruise. The leaves, particularly of tarragon, basil and mint, bruise easily and are best coarsely chopped. Fragile herbs are often eaten raw and should be cooked only lightly.

Storing, Cooking, and Preserving Your Fresh Herbs

To store fresh herbs with short stalks, put them in an unsealed plastic bag or wrap them in a moist paper towel and refrigerate them. They should keep for about a week. Herbs with longer stalks can be treated like cut flowers: put them in a small container of water and leave them at room temperature, or refrigerate them, covered with a loose plastic bag.


Many herbs grow wild in the benign climate of Southern Europe, and are cultivated in the less hospitable north. Colonial settlers brought their plants to the New World, growing them primarily for medicine, but also for dyeing clothes and for the kitchen. Despite this migration, many herbs are still firmly identified with the cuisines of particular countries.