Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hello Everybody

Hello World! After long absence I'm back. How's everybody? Hope you're all fine. I wish to thank all my visitors who took their time to visit me here and thanks also to those who joined me here. I will be back soon for postings. Till then folks...

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Years back before the Internet exists, shopping can only be done thru offline. We can only do shopping by going to shopping malls in our locality or shopping overseas for those who are in business travel or for those travelling just to make a tour. If we want to buy our grocery needs, we have to go to supermarkets or small grocery stores.

Today, shoppers have choices to do their shopping. Either they just sit in front of their computers and with just a click of a mouse they can choose whatever they want and just wait for the product to be delivered in front of their doorstep, or if their choice is to see the products themselves they will go to shopping malls and do their shopping offline.

As I go along exploring the Internet, I learned that there are really a lot of shoppers online. I hardly believed  at first until I became an Affiliate marketer that i found out  it's really true. For shoppers, it's a great advantage, so much more with the suppliers and manufacturers because regardless of their distance with the shoppers, they can be reached.

However, Internet is really a very big place that it's not also easy for the suppliers to directly reach shoppers online. With millions and millions of websites in the Internet where shoppers have a lot of sites to visit before they will decide to buy, sellers need to think of a marketing strategy to promote their products. They might have their own websites to promote, but they still need other ways and one of the ways is Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketers are needed to promote sellers' products in exchange of a certain commission given to affiliates. Some offered good commissions, some also offered as low as one cent if it is a programme like pay per click, cpa, etc.

A lot of job seekers or looking for part time jobs joined affiliate programs, I for one, to have an additional income. When I just started as an affiliate marketer, I taught it's very easy to earn money because that is always what I read from some who offer affiliate programs. But it's just not easy as it is always claimed to be. As an affiliate marketer, I have to think of all the ways to convince my visitors to take a look of the products I'm selling. I have to strategize my marketing method so that my visitors will not feel that they had wasted their time for their visit. I have to make them feel that although they don't see me personally, they will feel my presence and sincerity as a marketer who is offering a service that is worth their visit.

When I was a life insurance agent, I knew that selling insurance is very difficult because I am selling "a piece of paper" as I used to call it. I say this because, my prospect just depends on what I am telling them. What I offer the prospect is a piece of paper and the benefits of it which they cannot immediately see the result until maturity period "or" if something happens to the policy holder. How I did, first I study all the benefits, explained very well to my prospects but I made it sure that whatever benefits they are entitled until the maturity period or if something happens, they can surely get it. I was able to build their trust in me that my closing ratio then was 1:1 to 1:3.

It was a different story when I market beauty products. This is because I sell beauty products but I don't know how to put make up. I did well too with this by talking to them in a way that upon applying their choice of product they will look beautiful. When I first joined as a distributor with this beauty product company, my upline had a doubt in me because he knew that I don't even put make up. At the back of my mind, I told myself that I'm going to prove him that a face without make up can sell a beauty product. True enough, one week before the end of the month I reached the target sales for a direct distributor. I also experienced selling health products but selling health products is better for as long as we tried the products ourselves, we experienced the effect of the product, our confidence with the product while offering our prospects can make us sell.

I'm now comparing which type of marketing is more difficult...is it online marketing or offline marketing? Since I experienced both, my opinion is online marketing. I say this because online shoppers have choices from millions and millions of websites. They will not spend too much of their time in one website or blog because they know that they still have so many sites to visit. They "window shop" first until they are satisfied that they really found what they need.

In this case, as an affiliate marketer, I'm trying my best that my visitors will not waste their time to visit my blog. I cannot talk to my visitors personally, so my way of letting them know my sincerity is by expressing my thoughts through this blog. I'm trying to make a good presentation of the quality products that I choose for them to see because I can't talk to them personally. In this way my visitors will know that I'm trying my very best to be of "good service" to them.  Selling is not just simply to "sell". Selling is to build a good relationship first with the prospect, make friends, get to know each other, know the needs of the prospect before we can make a sale.

I hope all of you who paid a visit with me here will appreciate my presentation of the choices of the quality products that I prepared for you. Thank you very much to all of you and please come back here again...if you have time.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Money... a necessity for all

Yes...money is a necessity for all. Money can do lots of changes in our lives. Lack of money especially if we are in a situation where we don't have anybody to turn to can make us too desperate, that if we don't have the courage and patience, it might lead us into doing something we might regret for the rest of our lives. Lots of money will make us happy because whatever material things we want that money can buy, we can surely have it.

I have my own point of view as regards money and this is only based on my own personal experiences, my friends and others in this world which I learned from what I read and see is what I'm going to share with you now.

If we have LOTS and LOTS of money that is more than enough for our needs, we have to spend it wisely. Unnecessary spending should be avoided. I've known some people, even my own friends and some  of my family members having a good income which could afford them whatever material things they desire, changed them...personally. Their own "understanding" about money made them proud of themselves, belittling those whom they think are "poor" and even throwing insults against their face, and tend to forget that we are all human beings who were born naked when we first existed in this world from our mother's womb and we are all the same befor the eyes of GOD and man. I always remember my late brother who used to say that regardless of what status we have and achieved, we should always think that "from the eyes of man we are somebody BUT before the eyes of GOD we are all equal". 

However, there are also some people that the more blessings of wealth they get, the more they humble themselves and by way of thanking GOD (for those who believe in GOD), the more they don't hesitate to sincerely give a helping hand to those who are in need.

We all have our own choice on how we handle our money. But we need wisdom to be able to understand how money can really give us happiness in the real sense of it. Having all the material things that we desire, in my own point of view...only, is not enough to make us permanently happy. Too much wise spending or "being stingy" will not also make us real happy because we are too much protective with our money, and without realizing it, we become "selfish", first and foremost with our own self...and how much more to others.

While this are the pros and cons of having LOTS of money, lack of money has all the more effect on our lives in so many, many ways. If we don't have money, we are deprived of the  happiness that material things can contribute in our lives. We cannot buy what we want, we cannot do what we want.

We can't even eat the kind of food that those who have money can afford, we often times feel self pity to our ownself which all the more makes us miserable. Feeling of self pity will do more harm than good for us because this will affect us psychologically. We will think that we are unlucky, we will begin to have a feeling of envy which will eventually give us a feeling of hate towards those who have, we will not learn how to count our blessings we already received...that maybe we don't have the money (yet) but we have a good health which money can't buy because we have all the freedom and the strength to do what we want to do.

Having said these, may I share with you what I think about money. At present I myself don't have the money (yet) that I need to enjoy a comfortable life. Sometimes, like any other person in my situation feel, some of the things that I had said above "except" for envy, I feel the same too. I experienced disappointments, frustrations, and even insults. It really hurts, but I'm greatful to our ALMIGHTY GOD in heaven that although I had gone through those pains and sufferings, and sometimes almost losing my faith in HIM, HE still did not allow me to completely lost my faith in HIM. He showed me the way to open my eyes in the reality of life. Because of faith in HIM, I still patiently wait for the "wealth" that HE is going to give me in HIS own time. If I can live by FAITH, I can overcome all those trials. I just have to patiently wait. I just have to move on with my life while making the most of my ability to do what I need to do to survive but just hold on to HIS promise that whatever I want to be it will be in due time.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

What Is Your Hobby?

What is your hobby? You can earn money with your hobby. Nowadays, it's very difficult to find a job. If you have a 9-5 daily routine job which you have a minimum salary that can hardly make ends meet, why not make your hobby as you part time job and who knows, if you think you are already earning more than your monthly salary, you can quit your job and make your own business. 

Before I became a real estate marketer, I made my hobby as a source of income...curtain making. Before that I was working as a full time liaison officer. While working, since sewing is really my hobby, when I still have time before I go to sleep I made some curtains, comforters, throwpillows and I sell some to friends that I knew. I really enjoy what I was doing until I realized that I'm making more than what I earn as a full time employee. It was then that I decided to make my own business. 

If you think that you need another way to augment your income, why don't you think of your hobby as a supplement  to your present  income. The following are some books that might interest you and start your own small source of income, who knows...you might succeed. Depending on which hobby you want please just choose from the following:

Perfumes, Splashes, and  Colognes

by Ms. Nancy M. Booth
At a very young age of eight, she already started blending fragrance. This means that this is really her hobby...perfume making. In this book, she narrated how she started until she decided to make it as her business. In her book, you will be able to know everything about fragrance, to name a few, the essentials of fragrance, the ingredients of fragrance, building your fragrance profile and a lot more that will make you understand all about fragrance and perfume.

Jewelry Making

This is another hobby that can earn you money. Women, children and even men loves to wear jewelries. My best friend's wife is presently successful in her jewelry making business. Even foreigners here in Brunei buy jewelries from her by volume for them to sell in their homeland. She has her own design and she is really gifted in this field. She even make costumes for holloween parties. Jewelry is one of the things that we need physically and if this is your hobby, why don't you start now. Maybe you don't realize it yet until you see this book.

Teach Yourself VISUALLY  Jewelry Making and Beading

by Chris Franchetti Michaels

In her book, she narrated in details the introduction to jewelry making and beading, the art of design, basic bead stringing techniques, more advanced stringing techniques, bead weaving, basic wirework, more advanced wirework techniques, using a wire jig, and many others.


Another hobby that can add to your income is gardening. If you have a big compound you can make use of the other area for gardening. Aside from giving beauty to your own compound, you can earn extra income from gardening. Flowers are loved by all for beauty and other plants like fruit trees and some vegetable plants which can save you money if you plant your own. If your hobby is gardening, venture with gardening and I'm sure you will enjoy especially if you are a nature lover. Here is another book that might help you.

The Gardener's A-Z Guide To Growing Flowers from Seed to Bloom: 576 annuals, perrenials and bulbs in full colour.

by Eileen Powell

In her book, she talks about her experiences in gardening, creating successful gardens, she even talk about the mystery and magic of seeds, collecting and starting your own seed and many more. You can learn a lot from her book.

Child Care Center

Another hobby that can earn you money is a day care business. If you are fond of children and you think you can deal with naughty children, then you can venture on this. The Principal and the owner of the school where my daughter is studying now started with day care and nursery school. My daughter started at her school when she was only three years old and until now that she is primary four. I admire her determination and perseverance. She only started with how many kids enrolled at that time. But her strong determination and perseverance with her ambition and with the help and support of her loving husband, followed with her patience with the kids that made parents trust her to take care of their children at school, brought her to what she is today. From day care with only a few kids to take care, now she has about 300 hundred plus kids and until primary six. The Ministry of Education here in Brunei was convinced of her capability to run a school and was approved as the Pricipal.

Here is another book that can help you if you want to venture into day care business. Who knows, you can be successful in this business.

How to Open and Operate a Financially Successful Child Care Service: With Companion CD-ROM

by Tina Musial

In her book, she narrated in details, step by step how to open a child care service. The pointers are complete. Click the image and search the inside of the book and  if you are fond of children maybe you can consider to start a child care service centre. Nowadays, working parents are opting to child care centres to look after their children while they are working. I'm sure, given the right management and the right caring for children, you can achieve success in this field.

These are only a few of the hobbies that can earn money for you. In this present world economic situation, inflation and a lot of factors that makes our income not enough for our daily needs, we need to have another source to supplement our income. Each one of us have talents...GOD given talents. If you are in a difficult situation, don't lost hope. Instead, THINK! You have your talent that GOD gave you to use in order to survive. We read and heard a lot of stories about people who were really in deep financial troubles that maybe because of stress with their problems, they were not able to think that they have GOD given talents they can use for their lives. Even myself, I have been in that situation. But thankfully, I did not give up. I always think that GOD gave me life and HE gave me the "tools" that I need to live, and that is my talent. 

So there folks, start to think what hobby you have and start to earn money with that hobby. Since that is your hobby, for sure you will enjoy what you do and next is you can expect success. Best wishes and best of luck to all of you who are going to start and to those who are already successful, just keep going. Be an inspiration and example to those who are just starting.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sports, Games and Physical Fitness

Just how important are sports, games and physical fitness to us? Medical practitioners always advice their patients to excersice but based on the condition of their body. Too much excersice is not also good especially if we have some ailments like heart disease. We need to follow the advice of our physician before we do any excersice if we are in such a condition. But generally, we need excersice in the form of sports, games and physical fitness.It is not only for the elders for our children too...for the whole family.

Here is a book below that I can recommend and gives you an insight about this topic. I included excerpts of the Editorial reviews for your easy reference on how this book can help you. Please click the image below:-

by: Terry Orlick

Editorial Review and Product Description

"Children live what they learn through games and play. Through Cooperative Games and Sports, you can teach children how to play with—rather than against—each other, using 150 field-tested games and activities that are designed to build a child’s self-worth through cooperation, acceptance, inclusion, and fun.
The premise of cooperative games is that everybody wins and everybody has fun. With activities like cooperative musical chairs, partner gymnastics, and math and spelling games, children learn valuable concepts, plus you aren’t left scrambling for expensive equipment in the process. These versatile games allow you to adapt the rules, equipment, and number of players to your own participants’ capabilities and to different physical settings. You’ll also find a chapter dedicated to teaching you how to create your own games.
Cooperative Games and Sports shifts the focus from the outcome of a game to the experience of playing it. With instructive photos and straightforward terminology, it is your guide to building positive interactions that teach children—and adults—the value of playing simply for the sake of playing."
With the reviews of the costumers, I'm convinced that this book is for all.

Please don't forget to explore on my other pages. You have a lot to see in it. Thanks for your visit.

Things That You Buy...and Why

A very simple answer is: "because you need it."  Very simple and true, but did it ever happen to you when there were times you finally realized that you've made the wrong decision. A mistake that the result is a waste of your hard earned money.

If we enter a shopping mall we can see lots and lots of things to buy. Sometimes if we see something which is pleasing to our eyes we just want to buy it without having a second thought even if we don't really need it. I remember my very best friend who has a cute and very smart 3 years old son. One time, together with his son went to a shopping mall and brought his son at the toy section. Being a kid when his son saw all the beautiful toys he wants to have everything. My friend who is smarter than his kid :) pointed the other toys that his son did not notice yet. Whenever his Dad showed another toy and tell his son that it is more good than what his son is pointing, the son just follow with his eyes all the other toys that his Dad is showing until maybe because of confusion, his son doesn't want to take anything anymore. What a clever and funny Dad.

We read lots of good books about how to budget our money. Those books whose talented authors are expert economists, finance experts by proffession. However, this  topic that I want to share with you now are from my own idea about buying...after all billions of people are billions of heads with billions of ideas, isn't it? There are times that I'm being impulsive when buying things.We can't avoid sometimes to become impulsive if we see things that really attracts our eyes. In this case how do we avoid "impulsive" buying to save our money for another much more useful things that we need? I'm going to discuss just one of the ways that can help us to avoid impulsive buying and that way is thru the Internet.

Before, I don't know much about the benefits of the Internet. I have been doing Internet marketing for almost 2 years now and came to realize as I go along the real benefits of it especially to those Internet users in saving our time, avoiding to be impulsive by giving us more time to think twice before we jump of buying something. The things that we need except for the fresh fish and vegetables where we can only buy from the wet market and grocery stores are all here. We just need to be careful because there are some risks.

There's the risk of course of having your credit card details hijacked and your account wiped clean but that is, if you aren't careful and attentive enough to watch out for security holes when you visit merchant sites. It wouldn't happen though if you just make sure that the letter "s" appears as one more letter to the "http" of the url that you type on your browser's address bar. So instead of just "http://domain.com," it now becomes "https://domain.com." Also, look for the padlock icon on the lower right corner of your browser's window. So there folks, Internet is a good place to go shopping but make sure you check first your browser before you click the payment button. Thanks for your visit...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wisdom & Understanding

This is my brother's blog who is in the Philippines. Here he posted useful informations about wisdom and understanding that we need in our everyday lives. I really like his blog. The way he write articles I want to follow but I'm not really good to express myself in English :). How I wish I am like him.

I can't thank him enough because he was the one who taught me how to use the Internet and how to make blog. He also designed our website. He also gave me some of the books that greatly helped me a lot when I applied in my life what I read. He is my big brother really.

Please visit his site and explore. You can get good informations.

This is my other blog. Topics and opinions about knowledge and information related matters. Kindergarten books, secondary books, college books and other kinds of books. I have also the kidz corner where you can choose from any of the toys you want for your kids, computer accessories and others. Please visit me here...

See more books at My Smart Book Store

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Influence of Money

GOD had created all the resources to supply the needs of mankind. Humans used their intelligence to explore and develop those resources. However, not all humans have those intelligence and courage to do it. We owe it to those genius scientists who did the exploration  through science and technology, who spent years of their lives, some of them even risked and cost their lives to discover and invent the things that we all use today.

The good influence of money. Without money, the existence of science and technology had not been possible. Without money, we can't buy all the necessities that we need, we can't travel...etc.

The bad influence of money. Money can cause greed, selfishness, pride, war, murder...just to name a few. It's true that money can give us happiness by having all the materials things that we need, but money can also make us unhappy.

I wouldn't go further about the negative side of money because every one of us already knew. I just want to share what's on my mind about money. Money is really important in our lives. Like myself who is working hard to earn money to help my husband meet the family's needs, I always make my mind clear that I wouldn't allow myself to be badly influenced by money. That money is for us to meet our physical needs only. I always remember what I was being taught by my late father "better die with your stomach empty rather than do things like being dishonest just to fill your stomach." I treasured these words from my late father who greatly fear GOD and believed that dishonest earnings will never do good for us. Now, I teached my child the same thing.

However small amount of money that I have in hand and sometimes not even enough for my needs, I feel happy because I worked for it. I sweat for it. I'm happy to have money from honest earnings. And I always believe that for as long as we put our heart in whatever we do with all honesty and sincerity, GOD will bless our efforts to make it successful. Money earned from clean and honest way is enough to make me happy. That is my own point of view.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Family Budget Planning

In this tough economic times, budgeting is a one word that most  husbands and wives get uncomfortable when anyone mentions this touchy subject. This is because some are convinced they make too little money to budget. Others think they have no head for figures and can't make a budget work.

First, here are four keys of financing. They are essential before any budget can be put into operation:

1) Make budgeting a family project. Get everyone involved. Of course, the husband as head of the family should take the lead in planning and sticking to a budget. But the councel and cooperation of every family member is necessary.

2) Shop wisely. Evaluate an item by more than the price alone. In the way it will affect you psychologically, an item of slightly higher price may be a far better investment.

3) Save. A big source of misery in family matters is the habit of living without savings. Some are convinced that saving is out of the question for them. But most people would not be in the trouble they are in had they only learned to practice this law of finances earlier.

Even if you are in financial difficulties, you need to begin a savings. It need not be large at first, just enough to develop the habit in you. Later when you have gotten out of trouble, you will have established the pattern in your life. Many people live so close to the edge that just one extra bill pushes them over the edge into financial oblivion. How good it would be to have enough savings to pay that one bill you did not anticipate. It is easy to have it if you will just start puttings a small amount away from each of your future paychecks.

It is important to have a complete list of expenses especially if your income is low or you are deeply in debt. There are a few items that must be included in all budgets:

Clothing. This is a sore spot for some families. They  may manage to get what they need, but only a great pains to the budget. Clothing is a long term need, and some forget that they will need money to buy clothes. When the time comes, it become a painful matter of squeezing out money here and there. Why not just save a little from each monthly income? You do not need to spend it immediately, but when you need it, it will be there.

Entertainment. Many families feel they cannot afford entertainment. To them it is an unnecessary expense. But entertainment is a necessary for a balanced family. Many of us would be overwhelmed with the happiness that can come simply by setting a small amount away each check for entertainment.

Pocket money. It seems minor, but incidental items can do more damage to a budget than you might expect. You probably would be surprised if you knew how much money you spend on small, everyday items - tooth paste, haircuts, newspaper, to mention a few. This division of the budget may not need to be large, but if you do not include it, this one small point can wreck all your other efforts.
    Begin now. Even if you have to run all your accounts in the red for months, you need to set up the plan immediately. Budgeting need not be a distasteful scourge, an agonizing plague upon your life. All it takes is the determination and the faith in the Word of God to get free from money worries for the rest of your life. Budgeting is a real blessing! 

    Thursday, September 17, 2009

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    Sunday, August 16, 2009

    Money Are Good Servants

    We all need money. This video will explain...

    Friday, July 24, 2009

    How Money Became a "BIG DEAL" In My Life

    Today, let me share with you my experience with money: how much of a big thing it has been to me. Not that I love money more than anything else. But it is a necessary commodity I can't do without. Call it a "necessary evil," but we can't live without it, can we?

    My life is all about struggles, patience, perseverance ... not so pleasant things to live by but without which, I would not be where I am now. It all started when my mother died when I was about 8 years of age. I was in fourth grade. Life was extremely hard for me being the only girl among 4 siblings and without a role model (my mother) to learn how to live life as a girl should. I was the the proverbial "only rose among thorns" and I noticed I was beginning to imbibe the traits of a "thorn." I didn't like it so I began thinking.

    At the very young age of 8, I toyed with the idea of living on my own - independent of any help from my family - but then reason would dictate that I had to wait till I finished grade school. I had to accept the fact that I couldn't fend for myself just yet. For the next two years, I just kept the thing to myself and when the time arrived, I talked to my father and brothers about my decision. Naturally, they rejected the idea because I was still too young to make such a life-changing decision. But I already made up my mind and no one could stop me. I then packed up and set out on my solo "journey" through life.

    I was ten years old (I entered grade school at the age of five) when I started the trek. Reality then hit hard on me. What job can a sixth grader like me get? That bothered me for a while but then, I stuck to my decision and I told myself, whatever job I can get for as long as it's clean and I can earn money for me to survive, I'll take it. I did get myself a job ... as a housemaid. Not to my liking but I had no choice. That was the only job open to a girl not yet even of teen age. In the course of time, I served a number of families ... of varying temperaments and idiosyncrasies. Some were kind and generous, others rude and pain in the ass.

    When I reached the age of 18 I decided to go back to school for my secondary education. But I didn't have the money for it so I had to work my way through high school, still as housemaid, until I graduated. After high school, I managed to find a better job... in sales. It was a whole new experience for me. I just loved it. In my newfound job, I began to get acquainted with the big real world outside of my erstwhile cramped quarters and began living my life like I had never lived previously. I learned from hands on experience how to deal with people from all walks of life.

    My sales experiences include: insurance agent, beauty products distributor, household items distributor and now a real estate marketer. Aside from my sales jobs, I also worked as liaison officer, administrative officer and an account executive. I only have a high school diploma to my name but what I learned from experience enabled me to perform well in all the jobs that I tried my hands on. From the lowly maidservant that had me working hard for a pittance, I have gotten this far in the journey that I have set out for myself. And I attribute it to perseverance and patience, all the while enduring difficulties with a one-track mind.

    Money is also the reason why I am into Internet marketing now. I want to build a house, send my daughter to a prestigious school, and live a comfortable life. With the job that I have now as account executive and part time real estate marketer, my income is not sufficient to take care of my family's needs and build me the dream house that I desire so much to have at the same time.

    Luckily for me, I have a brother who knows the Internet well and could design a website. He patiently taught me how to do online marketing, what affiliate marketing is, how to make money online, the advantage of having a website and other technology terms that I neeeded to know and understand to be successful.

    I made notes of the basics that he taught me. Then I took to studying further through online research. I began to learn more as I spent hours on the Internet everyday, sometimes stretching till the wee hours of the next morning with only 2-3 hours sleep afterwards because I have to report for work.

    Patiently, I explored every "nook and cranny" of the Internet that I could find time to take a look at. I became some kind of a sucker joining programs which touted tons of cash to be earned with very little work, if at all. I should have known better. To say that I wasted time and lost money is an understatement. However, I never gave up. One reason is: my brother keeps egging me on, telling me not to quit because the Internet is the next best thing I can ever experience in my life.

    See you on my next blog. Thanks and have a nice day.

    Friday, July 3, 2009

    Budget Constraints Keeping You From Shopping To Your Heart's Delight and Content?

    These are tough times we are living in, indeed. Shopping is no longer as easy on the pocket or wallet like it used to be. Reason: Shopping Budget squeezed tight to just the bare necessities by inflation and/or significantly reduced income as a result of perpetually increasing taxes, the vulture VAT, and high interest rates.

    But there's a better way to shop with your slim budget buying you more. Instead of going to brick-and-mortar stores, where products are priced sky-high, use the Internet and hunt for bargains. Spare yourself the hustle of driving through slow-moving traffic and wading a sea of sometimes foul-smelling humankind in hot, humid, and crowded marketplaces just to look for an item that is all that your pitifully-shrunk budget can afford. Shop in the comfort of your home. The whole world lies before you as your virtual mall. Hunting for bargains has never been easier and very convenient.

    There's the risk of course of having your credit card details hijacked and your account wiped clean but that is, if you aren't careful and attentive enough to watch out for security holes when you visit merchant sites. It wouldn't happen though if you just make sure that the letter "s" appears as one more letter to the "http" of the url that you type on your browser's address bar. So instead of just "http://domain.com," it now becomes "https://domain.com." Also, look for the padlock icon on the lower right corner of your browser's window. Well, well, dear me, I shouldn't be telling you this. You know it if you've been using the Internet since its Jurassic days.

    But I'm thinking of the many Internet newbies who are just beginning to learn the ABCs of the WorldWideW(onder)and haven't yet heard of the leeches lurking in the dark alleyways of cyberspace preying on unsuspecting surfers. One of them may stumble on this blog and find the above little tip a big help. In which case, this blog shall have contributed, albeit in a very small way, to the effort to make the Internet safer for business transactions, through education.

    So go ahead. Shop online. Don't be so overly cautious about risks. Risk is ever-present everywhere you go ... whatever you do. I have had my share of bad malling experience when my purse that had my newly-issued ATM card in it was snatched while I was in a mall brimming with shoppers. But I only have myself to blame for the misfortune because of all stupid things that I could do in my life, nothing could be more stupid than having the ATM card and the piece of paper on which was scribbled my PIN number sitting side by side inside my purse like inseparable love-struck lame ducks. The next thing I knew, my account was sucked dry of its "blood." That was one VERY BIG LESSON I learned and will never forget for the rest of my lfe. I've been avoiding crowded malls since.

    I find it a lot more convenient (and safer too) to shop online, except of course for the things that I have no choice but drive to the neighborhood market to buy like: fresh fish, meat, fruits and veggies. I don't think there's any vendor on this planet who could ship to me those goodies as fresh as I could get them from the wet market nearby ... and at prices low enough to leave me having a little extra from my budget with which I could buy other things besides.

    You know what, since that unfortunate incident at the mall that had me losing quite a sum to snatchers, I've been thinking of how I could make use of the Internet as the better way to shop, not just for my own convenience and benefit but for those who hate milling around in crowded shopping places as well.

    Applying the Law of Financial Success, I worked long hours, oftentimes stretching late into the night, studying the Internet. And then the opportunity presented itself ... when I least expected it.


    Sunday, June 28, 2009

    Budgeting Time and Money When Searching For The Best Opportunity

    Budgeting Our Time Is Saving Money - An inch of time is worth an inch of gold, but it is hard to buy one inch of time with one inch of gold. This is a Chinese proverb that can be interpreted as "time is more precious than gold". During my younger years, my parents always tell me "time is gold" when I don't obey what they asked me to do... on time. They always say that procrastination is a waste of time and money. I didn't realize then how valuable their words were, until I reached the age that twenty four hours a day is not enough for me to accomplish what I want to do.

    Wasting money does not only mean money matters. If we don't budget our time, before we know it, one day had already passed and nothing had been done...that costs us MONEY. If we have a job paid on a daily basis and we get absent without a purpose, we lost our one day income.

    In Internet marketing, we should apply this Chinese proverb. More often, we don't realize the length of time we are spending while surfing. Before we switch on our computer, we have already in mind the information we want to find. While surfing, we can't avoid to click whatever opportunities that pop up until we realized that we had consumed the budgeted surfing time that we set and we never found what what we want earlier. Because of this, we had already wasted our money by using our "precious" time which we should have used for another purpose.

    When I started this Internet marketing, I spent a lot of time...and wasted MONEY. I spent my time surfing to find good opportunities just to find out that it is not actually what I'm looking for. I joined programs and paid for my upgrade believing that it is a good one, but it is not. Being new in this field, I did not BUDGET my time and MONEY.

    What I learned from my costly experience is what I'm going to share now. Before I am convinced to join any kind of program, I search first if a certain program is true or not. We have all these search engines who can help us by using key words. It will then lead us to blogs and forums where we can find post complaints for a certain program. However, we should not also jump easily into conclusion. We should weigh the complaints or comments. If we find out that those posted satisfied members are more than the posted complaints, I think it's worth it to give the benefit of the doubt.

    With this system that I'm doing now, I can say that I manage to save my time...and money. Saved my time because searching for complaints thru search engines will only take me about an hour...the most. Saved my money because I did not join the program that is not worth my time and money.

    We have to make our own system to budget our time and money. This system is easier said than done BUT self-discipline is needed to make it happen.

    I will even be happier if you can share your own experience about this topic. I'm sure you have your own, it could be better than what I had shared... :)