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Monday, May 24, 2010

Money... a necessity for all is a necessity for all. Money can do lots of changes in our lives. Lack of money especially if we are in a situation where we don't have anybody to turn to can make us too desperate, that if we don't have the courage and patience, it might lead us into doing something we might regret for the rest of our lives. Lots of money will make us happy because whatever material things we want that money can buy, we can surely have it.

I have my own point of view as regards money and this is only based on my own personal experiences, my friends and others in this world which I learned from what I read and see is what I'm going to share with you now.

If we have LOTS and LOTS of money that is more than enough for our needs, we have to spend it wisely. Unnecessary spending should be avoided. I've known some people, even my own friends and some  of my family members having a good income which could afford them whatever material things they desire, changed them...personally. Their own "understanding" about money made them proud of themselves, belittling those whom they think are "poor" and even throwing insults against their face, and tend to forget that we are all human beings who were born naked when we first existed in this world from our mother's womb and we are all the same befor the eyes of GOD and man. I always remember my late brother who used to say that regardless of what status we have and achieved, we should always think that "from the eyes of man we are somebody BUT before the eyes of GOD we are all equal". 

However, there are also some people that the more blessings of wealth they get, the more they humble themselves and by way of thanking GOD (for those who believe in GOD), the more they don't hesitate to sincerely give a helping hand to those who are in need.

We all have our own choice on how we handle our money. But we need wisdom to be able to understand how money can really give us happiness in the real sense of it. Having all the material things that we desire, in my own point of view...only, is not enough to make us permanently happy. Too much wise spending or "being stingy" will not also make us real happy because we are too much protective with our money, and without realizing it, we become "selfish", first and foremost with our own self...and how much more to others.

While this are the pros and cons of having LOTS of money, lack of money has all the more effect on our lives in so many, many ways. If we don't have money, we are deprived of the  happiness that material things can contribute in our lives. We cannot buy what we want, we cannot do what we want.

We can't even eat the kind of food that those who have money can afford, we often times feel self pity to our ownself which all the more makes us miserable. Feeling of self pity will do more harm than good for us because this will affect us psychologically. We will think that we are unlucky, we will begin to have a feeling of envy which will eventually give us a feeling of hate towards those who have, we will not learn how to count our blessings we already received...that maybe we don't have the money (yet) but we have a good health which money can't buy because we have all the freedom and the strength to do what we want to do.

Having said these, may I share with you what I think about money. At present I myself don't have the money (yet) that I need to enjoy a comfortable life. Sometimes, like any other person in my situation feel, some of the things that I had said above "except" for envy, I feel the same too. I experienced disappointments, frustrations, and even insults. It really hurts, but I'm greatful to our ALMIGHTY GOD in heaven that although I had gone through those pains and sufferings, and sometimes almost losing my faith in HIM, HE still did not allow me to completely lost my faith in HIM. He showed me the way to open my eyes in the reality of life. Because of faith in HIM, I still patiently wait for the "wealth" that HE is going to give me in HIS own time. If I can live by FAITH, I can overcome all those trials. I just have to patiently wait. I just have to move on with my life while making the most of my ability to do what I need to do to survive but just hold on to HIS promise that whatever I want to be it will be in due time.


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