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Monday, June 7, 2010


Years back before the Internet exists, shopping can only be done thru offline. We can only do shopping by going to shopping malls in our locality or shopping overseas for those who are in business travel or for those travelling just to make a tour. If we want to buy our grocery needs, we have to go to supermarkets or small grocery stores.

Today, shoppers have choices to do their shopping. Either they just sit in front of their computers and with just a click of a mouse they can choose whatever they want and just wait for the product to be delivered in front of their doorstep, or if their choice is to see the products themselves they will go to shopping malls and do their shopping offline.

As I go along exploring the Internet, I learned that there are really a lot of shoppers online. I hardly believed  at first until I became an Affiliate marketer that i found out  it's really true. For shoppers, it's a great advantage, so much more with the suppliers and manufacturers because regardless of their distance with the shoppers, they can be reached.

However, Internet is really a very big place that it's not also easy for the suppliers to directly reach shoppers online. With millions and millions of websites in the Internet where shoppers have a lot of sites to visit before they will decide to buy, sellers need to think of a marketing strategy to promote their products. They might have their own websites to promote, but they still need other ways and one of the ways is Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketers are needed to promote sellers' products in exchange of a certain commission given to affiliates. Some offered good commissions, some also offered as low as one cent if it is a programme like pay per click, cpa, etc.

A lot of job seekers or looking for part time jobs joined affiliate programs, I for one, to have an additional income. When I just started as an affiliate marketer, I taught it's very easy to earn money because that is always what I read from some who offer affiliate programs. But it's just not easy as it is always claimed to be. As an affiliate marketer, I have to think of all the ways to convince my visitors to take a look of the products I'm selling. I have to strategize my marketing method so that my visitors will not feel that they had wasted their time for their visit. I have to make them feel that although they don't see me personally, they will feel my presence and sincerity as a marketer who is offering a service that is worth their visit.

When I was a life insurance agent, I knew that selling insurance is very difficult because I am selling "a piece of paper" as I used to call it. I say this because, my prospect just depends on what I am telling them. What I offer the prospect is a piece of paper and the benefits of it which they cannot immediately see the result until maturity period "or" if something happens to the policy holder. How I did, first I study all the benefits, explained very well to my prospects but I made it sure that whatever benefits they are entitled until the maturity period or if something happens, they can surely get it. I was able to build their trust in me that my closing ratio then was 1:1 to 1:3.

It was a different story when I market beauty products. This is because I sell beauty products but I don't know how to put make up. I did well too with this by talking to them in a way that upon applying their choice of product they will look beautiful. When I first joined as a distributor with this beauty product company, my upline had a doubt in me because he knew that I don't even put make up. At the back of my mind, I told myself that I'm going to prove him that a face without make up can sell a beauty product. True enough, one week before the end of the month I reached the target sales for a direct distributor. I also experienced selling health products but selling health products is better for as long as we tried the products ourselves, we experienced the effect of the product, our confidence with the product while offering our prospects can make us sell.

I'm now comparing which type of marketing is more it online marketing or offline marketing? Since I experienced both, my opinion is online marketing. I say this because online shoppers have choices from millions and millions of websites. They will not spend too much of their time in one website or blog because they know that they still have so many sites to visit. They "window shop" first until they are satisfied that they really found what they need.

In this case, as an affiliate marketer, I'm trying my best that my visitors will not waste their time to visit my blog. I cannot talk to my visitors personally, so my way of letting them know my sincerity is by expressing my thoughts through this blog. I'm trying to make a good presentation of the quality products that I choose for them to see because I can't talk to them personally. In this way my visitors will know that I'm trying my very best to be of "good service" to them.  Selling is not just simply to "sell". Selling is to build a good relationship first with the prospect, make friends, get to know each other, know the needs of the prospect before we can make a sale.

I hope all of you who paid a visit with me here will appreciate my presentation of the choices of the quality products that I prepared for you. Thank you very much to all of you and please come back here again...if you have time.


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