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Monday, September 28, 2009

The Influence of Money

GOD had created all the resources to supply the needs of mankind. Humans used their intelligence to explore and develop those resources. However, not all humans have those intelligence and courage to do it. We owe it to those genius scientists who did the exploration  through science and technology, who spent years of their lives, some of them even risked and cost their lives to discover and invent the things that we all use today.

The good influence of money. Without money, the existence of science and technology had not been possible. Without money,
we can't buy all the necessities that we need, we can't travel...etc.

The bad influence of money. Money can cause greed, selfishness, pride, war, murder...just to name a few. It's true that money can give us happiness by having all the materials things that we need, but money can also make us unhappy.

I wouldn't go further about the negative side of money because every one of us already knew. I just want to share what's on my mind about money. Money is really important in our lives. Like myself who is working hard to earn money to help my husband meet the family's needs, I always make my mind clear that I wouldn't allow myself to be badly influenced by money. That money is for us to meet our physical needs only. I always remember what I was being taught by my late father "better die with your stomach empty rather than do things like being dishonest just to fill your stomach." I treasured these words from my late father who greatly fear GOD and believed that dishonest earnings will never do good for us. Now, I teached my child the same thing.

However small amount of money that I have in hand and sometimes not even enough for my needs, I feel happy because I worked for it. I sweat for it. I'm happy to have money from honest earnings. And I always believe that for as long as we put our heart in whatever we do with all honesty and sincerity, GOD will bless our efforts to make it successful. Money earned from clean and honest way is enough to make me happy. That is my own point of view.

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georix said...

Well said. I agree. Most people have the mistaken notion that money is THE root of all evil. WRONG. It is THE LOVE of money that is. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.