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Monday, June 29, 2009

Budgeting Time and Money When Searching For The Best Opportunity

Budgeting Our Time Is Saving Money - An inch of time is worth an inch of gold, but it is hard to buy one inch of time with one inch of gold. This is a Chinese proverb that can be interpreted as "time is more precious than gold". During my younger years, my parents always tell me "time is gold" when I don't obey what they asked me to do... on time. They always say that procrastination is a waste of time and money. I didn't realize then how valuable their words were, until I reached the age that twenty four hours a day is not enough for me to accomplish what I want to do.

Wasting money does not only mean money matters. If we don't budget our time, before we know it, one day had already passed and nothing had been done...that costs us MONEY. If we have a job paid on a daily basis and we get absent without a purpose, we lost our one day income.

In Internet marketing, we should apply this Chinese proverb. More often, we don't realize the length of time we are spending while surfing. Before we switch on our computer, we have already in mind the information we want to find. While surfing, we can't avoid to click whatever opportunities that pop up until we realized that we had consumed the budgeted surfing time that we set and we never found what what we want earlier. Because of this, we had already wasted our money by using our "precious" time which we should have used for another purpose.
When I started this Internet marketing, I spent a lot of time...and wasted MONEY. I spent my time surfing to find good opportunities just to find out that it is not actually what I'm looking for. I joined programs and paid for my upgrade believing that it is a good one, but it is not. Being new in this field, I did not BUDGET my time and MONEY.

What I learned from my costly experience is what I'm going to share now. Before I am convinced to join any kind of program, I search first if a certain program is true or not. We have all these search engines who can help us by using key words. It will then lead us to blogs and forums where we can find post complaints for a certain program. However, we should not also jump easily into conclusion. We should weigh the complaints or comments. If we find out that those posted satisfied members are more than the posted complaints, I think it's worth it to give the benefit of the doubt.

With this system that I'm doing now, I can say that I manage to save my time...and money. Saved my time because searching for complaints thru search engines will only take me about an hour...the most. Saved my money because I did not join the program that is not worth my time and money.

We have to make our own system to budget our time and money. This system is easier said than done BUT self-discipline is needed to make it happen.

I will even be happier if you can share your own experience about this topic. I'm sure you have your own, it could be better than what I had shared... :)


eleftheria said...

I have gone through a similar process, Now I am in better sites and am building up my equity and also cashing out at the same time which is great. I also invest time in my blog. Now my Alexa ranking is getting good I am earning some more cahs through advertising.

Miah said...

Good morning. Thank you very much for sharing your will be of help especially to those who are new in Internet marketing.

J D C said...

Fantastic walk-through. Thanks for giving us this useful information. I have come some advice to about Budgeting. Thanks for sharing.....